Case Sealer Selector

The Benefits

Choosing a case sealer for your company is an important investment; the right case sealer can relieve the worries that your business isn’t keeping up with customer demand, and can reduce worker-related injuries as well as overall labor costs. Additionally, case sealers create a professional appearance for the customer when their order arrives. Integrating a sealer into your production system is an important and useful step in improving output, and allowing your business to adapt to fast-changing market conditions.

How to Decide

Deciding on what type of equipment to purchase is largely about the dimensions of the box that your product(s) will be shipped in. If the boxes are all the same, and there is little to no variation between their sizes, then a uniform sealer is the machine that can handle that. If the opposite is true and the boxes are all different sizes, then a random sealer can conform to each individual box. Within those two initial types, they are each both constructed as either a semi-automatic or a fully-automatic machine. Utilizing a semi-automatic machine requires an operator sealing the flaps of the box before it is processed, where the machine will then seal the top and the bottom of the container, or either the top or the bottom depending upon your requirements. For a business that needs a fully automated production system that requires no human assistance, a fully-automatic random case sealer represents the better option.

There are therefore four factors that should be taken into account when purchasing a sealer. Ask yourself:

• What size box does my product come in?
• Are those boxes all different sizes or are they the same size?
• Do I want to employ people to seal the box and feed the machine?
• How much am I willing to invest?

Answering these questions will assist you in deciding which case sealer to purchase. Uniform case sealers, in addition to being less expensive than their random sealer counterparts, are best when identical boxes will be sealed for long periods of time since the machine can be adjusted appropriately by a handle. However, uniform sealers require an operator no matter what in order to adjust the machine, though this is usually a quick and simple procedure.

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