Fanuc Robox System

Fanuc Robox System

One man warehouse: Is it possible?

Imagine a machine that could palletize each and every load you have with a simple touch of a button. One that worked around the clock and always kept up with production. A machine that would spin and stack each box till it was in a perfect interlocking state for maximum stability. This machine provides a quick ROI value and comes at an intro level price tag.

It sounds like science fiction but this technology is already here and at a price point that makes sense for all levels of production. The ROBOX Palletizer by Schneider is a stand-alone unit that works at the end of your production line.

How it works –

An operator selects which product is to be palletized on the provided HMI (Human Machine Interface), manually loads an empty pallet into the cell and presses the START button.


Once sufficient product is available on the supplied infeed conveyor, the robot will pick the product and place it on the pallet in the pre-programmed pattern.


Once the pallet is fully loaded, an operator is signaled to remove the filled pallet and replace it with an empty pallet. The operator presses the START button again and operation continues.


Why ROBOX will change the way you manufacturer

• The ROBOX palletizes at a rate of 24 boxes per minute. Allowing a one man crew to stack, wrap, and load all of your pallets
• Fork pockets allow you to move ROBOX to multiple production lines increasing capacity throughout the warehouse
• 7.5’ x 8.1’ footprint and built in conveyor system can easily introduced into multiple production lines
• 24/7 Labor that reduces workplace injuries
• Ability to pick 50lb product and stack up to 88” high
• Pallet pattern creation on HMI for secured and unitized loads
• Future case sizes and pallet patterns can be created for your changing needs.

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