What if you learned your company's packaging department could save an employee a potential hand injury by adding a simple string to your tape?

Or imagine your engineer told you he had a groundbreaking innovation to eliminate damage caused by people cutting into your product when they opened it, saving you $100,000 in returns.

Could you see your very own business benefitting from these two best practices?

It’s these two concepts, safety and cost savings, that have people talking about Ripcord by IPG. This innovative tape head drops into your existing taper and applies a thin cord underneath the tape, allowing the end user to easily open the package without the use of any knife. Simply pull the rip cord!

The Ripcord

The Ripcord
Utility knives and box cutters are common in today’s workplace, often leading to

  • Employee injuries
  • Missed days of work
  • Expensive claims and product damage

This innovative technology protects both the recipient of the package and the contents inside.


The Ripcord

A knife-free packaging solution

Innovative tape head technology works in conjunction with a case sealing machine. The technology applies cord under the carton sealing tape during the taping cycle, leaving a tab for fast, safe access to the package contents.


The Ripcord tape head is available at no charge to customers who enroll in Intertape’s Tape Head program.  The tape head program will supply one Ripcord tape head for every 3 pallets of Intertape 7100 RC used annually.  Additional tape heads will be available on a $500 placement plan. 

Intertape 7100 RC is designed specifically to work with the Ripcord tape heads, and each kit includes the tape and the spools of cord.  The kit is estimated to cost under $26 for 4,921 feet of product.

The two kits available are the F4093-RC and the F1112-RC.

The F4093-RC kit is:

  • 36 boxes of 7100 clear 48 mm x 1,500 m tape
  • Plus, 6 boxes of 1,667 m cord
  • Packed 36 rolls per box

The F1112-RC kit is:

  • 36 boxes of 7100 clear 72 mm x 1,500 m tape
  • plus 4 boxes of 1,667 m cord
  • Packed 36 rolls per box


Rocket Industrial is a Sapphire Club Elite Partner of Intertape, and we will be offering our customers exclusive availability and pricing.


For complete details on pricing and availability, contact Wes, our Certified Packaging Specialist.
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