Wrap Rage: Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

Wrap Rage: Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

Wrap Rage: What You Need to Know

Wrap rage, also known as packaging rage, is the common name for elevated levels of anger and frustration resulting from the inability to open packaging. It’s been reported that attempts to open packaging are actually the cause of approximately 6,000 injuries that required a trip to the hospital in the U.S. each year. Injuries are mostly due to cuts from cutting tools or hand/wrist injuries from using excessive force to open a package. Consumer frustration with packaging can also occur from over-packaging, under-packaging, and improper packaging.

How Does Wrap Rage Happen?

Common videos titled ‘wrap rage’ feature people struggling with plastic clamshell packaging along with other frustrating forms of packaging. Wrap rage can also stem from improper packaging such as excessive use of packing peanuts, multiple layers of packaging, usability issues such as a resealable package not resealing, and misrepresentation of the product.

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Symptoms – How do you know if your customers are dealing with wrap rage?

• Customer complaints

• Lost potential customers

• High packaging material costs

• High shipping costs

• Unnecessary costs from returns that can’t be repackaged

• Increased amounts of waste

How Is Wrap Rage Diagnosed?

Unless you are receiving a high amount of customer complaints, you may not realize the cost savings opportunity in reducing various aspects of your packaging. It’s important to be aware of your damage rates. If your damage rate seems high, your packaging material and design may not be the right fit for your product. If your damage rate is extremely low, you may be overpackaging and creating unnecessary waste and costs. Identifying your packaging sweet spot will help alleviate this and bring your packaging to an optimal level.

Wrap Rage Treatments and Prevention

Hard to open packaging and over packaging reflects poorly on your brand. An optimized package design can significantly elevate a customer’s perception of your company. By working with a packaging engineer to design your packaging to be safer, more sustainable, and more cost-effective, you can avoid the possibility of a customer experiencing wrap rage.

Amazon first introduced frustration-free packaging in 2008 in response to a large number of complaints about the packaging of products. By encouraging manufacturers to rethink their packaging, Amazon saw a 73% reduction in negative feedback related to the packaging on many products. Other large manufacturers and retail outlets are discouraging the use of over-packaging by implementing packaging sustainability goals.

Our Team Can Help!

Testing your packaging in a certified, simulated testing environment will help discover opportunities for bettering the design of primary, secondary, and tertiary packaging. It can also help determine optimal pallet and stacking patterns to minimize product damage and save on costs.

Our Packlytics Packaging Test Lab offers a variety of capabilities to provide you data-backed solutions for product protection and packaging cost savings. To learn more about our design and testing services, contact our packaging engineers!