Why is a Pizza Box Square?

Why is a Pizza Box Square?

Observed on February 9th every year, National Pizza Day is a day to celebrate the iconic dish. Any way you slice it, pizza is one of the most popular foods in the United States. Approximately 3 billion pizzas are sold each year with the average American consuming 23 pounds of pizza.

We have worked with many frozen pizza makers, pizzerias and restaurants that make some top-notch pies that have ‘stolen a pizza our hearts’. It’s also led us to be asked the most burning pizza packaging question of all time: Why is a pizza box square when a pizza is round?

Maybe you’ve never thought about it, or maybe it crosses your mind every time you order a pizza, here are the main reasons why pizza boxes are square:

Cost and simplicity - Square boxes are easier to make since they can be formed from a single sheet of cardboard. Less material and a simple formation process make square boxes cheaper and less wasteful than circular boxes.

Storage - A square box formed from one piece of cardboard can be unfolded flat to take up less space when being stored. It’s also easier and cheaper to ship due to flat packing, stacking and less movement.

Handling and stacking - It’s easier to handle and store square boxes than round. It also eliminates wasted space between each box that circular boxes create. Square boxes are stacked on grocery store freezers easily and maximize shelf space.

Efficiency - Square boxes allow for quick assembly at a pizza restaurant and the extra space in the box corners leaves space for extra toppings and sauces.

In summary, a square pizza box is easier and cheaper to make and handle. You now know the answer to one of pizza and packaging’s biggest questions, so kick back and enjoy a slice (or three!) by going to your local pizzeria, throwing an office pizza party or picking up a frozen pizza for the family.

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