We're Keeping an Eye on These Food Packaging Trends

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Trends in food packaging are ever-changing and evolving with consumer demands. With various foods to choose from, it is important for companies to use packaging strategies to stand out from their competition. Here are some food packaging trends that we will see more of.

Technology Enabled Solutions

Smart packaging enables consumers to interact with their foods beyond simply eating them. One of the most used technologies for food packaging is QR codes, which can lead to websites with nutritional information, social media accounts, online games, or other interactive media. Other technological solutions include tracking important metrics such as Ph, temperature, and expiration dates.

Hellman's Smart Jar

For example, Hellman's is testing a smart jar design that uses temperature-sensitive ink that reveals a new design to indicate refrigerator temperatures below 5° Celsius. This design helps reduce food waste as certain foods can last up to three days longer if the temperature is set below 5° Celsius. In fact, more than 4.5 million tons of food is wasted annually.

Additionally, a German supermarket uses smart packaging to track expiration dates on fresh foods, then discounts the price as the expiry date approaches. While testing this technology, food waste decreased by 15.3%.


As the consumption of organic, low-waste foods continues to rise, sustainable food packaging does too. Eco-conscious consumers care not only about the foods they eat, but how they are packaged, making plastic-free, curbside recyclable, and compostable packaging options more popular.

ProAmpac Frozen Food Packaging

ProAmpac’s ProActive Recyclable Paper-1000 is a curbside recyclable paper-based food packaging solution best suited for frozen foods such as ready-to-eat meals and vegetables. Edible packaging is also gaining traction as packaging made from rice paper, seaweed, cornstarch, and sugarcane has been tested and introduced into the industry. 

Minimalist Design

Many companies are using a simple, clean packaging design for food packaging. Clear labeling and packaging highlight a product’s value and branding, making it stand out from competitors. Additionally, minimalist packaging design showcases nutritional information, which is important for companies dedicated to their ingredients and healthy options.

Rite Rice Packaging

RightRice is a vegetable-based grain that is a low-carb alternative to traditional white rice and uses minimalist packaging through a black background with bold lettering. This combination gives a luxurious feel to the product while highlighting the vegetable ingredients.


There are a variety of ways to personalize food products, including messages, graphics, and names. Personalization creates an emotional bond for consumers to a product, increasing their likelihood to repeat their purchase.

Pizza Boxes

Many companies that give back to their communities share messaging on their products. For example, Newman’s Own thin and crispy pizzas showcase the stories of six children who have attended Paul Newman’s SeriousFun Children’s Network camps. Sharing the stories connects consumers with the impact they have when purchasing Newman’s Own products.

Food Packaging Solutions

Rocket Industrial is a nationwide leader in food packaging, specializing in cheese, dairy, and meat. Contact one of our food packaging experts for innovations in keeping your products fresh and to stand out from the competition. 

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