This Month in Packaging... [October 2021]

Packaging News October 2021

Welcome to the October edition of Rocket Industrial’s ‘This Month in Packaging’ blog series, a monthly wrap-up of packaging related content that catches our eye.

From creating a paper alternative to single-use plastic poly bags to boosting efficiency with artificial intelligence, here are five things that caught our attention this month.

Paper Alternative to Single-Use Plastic Poly Bags

Vela Bags

WHO: Vela

WHAT: Vela’s weather-resistant, durable, transparent, and curbside-recyclable FSC™ certified paper bags are a sustainable replacement to single-use plastic poly bags. These bags are designed specifically to make the transition from single-use plastic poly bags to Vela as easy as possible.

WHY IT MATTERS: An estimated 180 billion items of clothing are made every year, most of the time individually packed and shipped in single-use, plastic poly bags that are rarely recycled. Designed to be recycled, the Vela bag can replace and prevent poly bags from polluting the planet.

Package Design Influences Product Taste

Beverage Bottle Design

WHO: Clemson University

WHAT: In a consumer study conducted by Clemson University, it was found that packaging design can greatly impact not just perceived value but product flavor and experience. In multiple taste tests of the same beverage, consumers favored the beverage based on bottle label color and when packaging was included.

WHY IT MATTERS: When designing product packaging, it is important to not only consider cost but how materiality and design strategy influence consumer behavior. Packaging is vital to the success of a product, so it is important to put the time and effort to create a design favored by consumers.

Boosting Efficiency with Artificial Intelligence

Pick, Pack, & Replenish Robots

WHO: Pregis

WHAT: Pregis, in collaboration with inVia Robotics, is utilizing fully autonomous and mobile robots to move goods from pick grids to pack stations and then back for replenishment. This integration increases operational efficiency, order accuracy, and pack cycle times, improving productivity tenfold compared to a manual process.

WHY IT MATTERS: Advanced automated solutions are typically integrated into end-of-line work cells, but these robots are designed to integrate automation capabilities throughout the fulfillment process.

Coca-Cola Launches 100% Plant-Based Plastic Bottle

Coca-Cola Plat-Based Bottle

WHO: Coca-Cola

WHAT: After 5 years of the introduction of Coca-Cola's bio-based “PlantBottle”, made from 30% plant-based sources and 70% terephthalic acid (PTA), the company has launched a 100% prototype plant-based container. Made from plant-based paraxylene (bPX), this bottle is produced using sugar from corn.

WHY IT MATTERS: As packaging advances, companies are producing their own packaging using plants to reduce plastic usage. Working with technology partners, Coca-Cola is aiming to create a bottle with the lowest possible carbon footprint.

Receiving the Circle of Excellence Award

Circle of Excellence Award

WHO: Rocket Industrial

WHAT: The Circle of Excellence Award from Paragon Films is awarded to those companies that sell over 1 million pounds of stretch film in a year and increase sales by over 10% from the previous year.

WHY IT MATTERS: Honoring the success of our team, the Circle of Excellence Award shows our dedication and commitment to providing our customers with the best stretch film for their application as a vendor-neutral supplier.

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