This Month in Packaging... [October 2022]

Packaging News October 2022

Welcome to the PACK EXPO edition of Rocket Industrial’s ‘This Month in Packaging’ blog series, a monthly wrap-up of packaging related content that catches our eye. 

PACK EXPO International was held in Chicago this year, with over 2,000 exhibitors and more than 44,000 attendees. From the Eagle Q31 strapping tool to the cardboard DeLorean, here are five things that caught our attention at the 2022 PACK EXPO International.

New Q31 Strapping Tool

Eagle Q31 Strapping Tool

WHO: Berran Industrial Group

WHAT: Berran debuted its Eagle Q31 battery-powered strapping tool at Pack Expo. This strapping tool features auto, semi-auto, and manual operation modes, easy strap release, and weighs only 7.5 pounds.

WHY IT MATTERS: The Q31 is one of the first handheld strapping tools from Eagle and is ideal for light to heavy-duty applications. This affordable bander meets a wide range of tensions for varying strapping needs.

Sustainable Paper Tape

BestPack Paper Tape

WHO: BestPack

WHAT: Made from natural kraft paper with a 54% biobased natural rubber adhesive, the BestPack paper tape can be used with existing equipment with minimal part substitutions. This printable tape is also recyclable and biodegradable while still being durable in high and low temperatures, highly moisture-proof, and having excellent holding power.

WHY IT MATTERS: Water-activated tape used to be commonly used for sealing boxes with a carton sealer, but the tape blades would get gummed up from the starch. This paper tape is a more sustainable option and does not gum up machines.

PAPERbubble for Retail

Storopack PAPERbubble

WHO: Storopack

WHAT: PAPERbubble cushioning wrap by Storopack is an eco-friendly alternative to traditional air bubble film. Made from paper and air, it is completely recyclable.

WHY IT MATTERS: Currently, this PAPERbubble is sold in pallet quantities, but will be available in case quantities with different sized sheets in 2023. This smaller quantity will be ideal for retail business shipping a lower volume of orders.

Updated MPERIA 8” Print Controller

MPERIA 8" controller

WHO: Matthews Marking Systems

WHAT: As the most compact controller in the MPERIA product line, the MPERIA 8” universal print controller features improved touchscreen technology, a larger touchscreen than the previous 7”, and is IP55 rated.

WHY IT MATTERS: The MPERIA line of controllers from Matthews Marking Systems can be integrated into existing printing lines with printheads from different brands, allowing the customer to slowly change over their printheads instead of having to do so all at once to continue printing.

PACK to the Future Cardboard DeLorean

Cardboard DeLorean

WHO: Paper and Packaging Board

WHAT: To encourage consumers to recycle correctly and more often, the Paper and Packaging Board constructed a life-sized cardboard DeLorean to promote a sustainable future.

WHY IT MATTERS: The Box to Nature residential recycling program is encouraging businesses to put their mark on every box to relay to show their support towards sustainability and convey to customers how easy recycling really is.

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