This Month in Packaging... [June 2022]

Packaging News June 2022

Welcome to the June edition of Rocket Industrial’s ‘This Month in Packaging’ blog series, a monthly wrap-up of packaging related content that catches our eye.

From Kraft Mac & Cheese's redesign to the value of technology to warehouse workers, here are five things that caught our attention this month.

Kraft Mac & Cheese Redesign

Kraft Mac & Cheese Boxes

WHO: Kraft

WHAT: Known as a pantry staple, Kraft Mac & Cheese has refreshed its brand to appeal to younger generations while resonating with longtime fans. Key changes to the recognizable blue box include changing the name from “Macaroni & Cheese” to “Mac & Cheese,” a new typeface, and a new noodle smile that features a single drop of cheese sauce dripping from the bottom.

WHY IT MATTERS: Rolling out to stores beginning of August, this brand refresh still embraces the familiar comfort that Kraft has created for millions around the world with a new reflection of what the brand means to consumers.

Low-Carbon Aluminum Reduces Emissions

Corona Can

WHO: Ball & Corona Canada

WHAT: Corona Canada is piloting the first low-carbon beverage can by Ball which leverages Elysis technology from Rio Tinto. This technology produces metal without direct carbon dioxide emissions during the aluminum smelting process that emits pure oxygen instead.

WHY IT MATTERS: About 70% of the aluminum in cans in North America are made with recycled aluminum. By using recycled aluminum, Rio Tinto’s low carbon aluminum, and Elysis’s technology, carbon emissions are reduced by more than 30%.

Increased Technology Value by Warehouse Workers


WHO: Lucas Systems

WHAT: In a study that polled 500 on-floor warehouse workers in the US, 74% of workers said they would consider a pay cut and switch jobs to be able to use technology that helps with their job.

WHY IT MATTERS: The value of technology, especially in warehouses, continues to grow. Because of this, companies need to consider implementing more technology into their warehouses to ensure employees stick around.

Supply Chain Disruptions Promote Sustainability

Stacked Corrugated

WHO: R.R. Donnelley & Sons

WHAT: As supply chain disruptions and supply shortages continue, companies reevaluate how their packaging is sourced and produced. In a survey by R.R. Donnelley & Sons, 66% of respondents have shifted their packaging to be sustainable due to shortages.

WHY IT MATTERS: Because of these unforeseen challenges, the supply chain has transformed the packaging industry to be more innovative, agile, and environmentally conscious.

Cardboard City Returns to Santa Monica

Cardboard Art at reDiscover Center

WHO: reDiscover Center

WHAT: The 5,000 square foot pop-up art installation returns to the reDiscover Center with 12-foot sculptures, massive collaborative art installations, and cardboard costuming.

WHY IT MATTERS: This commonly used packaging material gets transformed into art to redefine how visitors think about the material and inspired sustainable practices.

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