This Month in Packaging... [April 2022]

Packaging News April 2022

 Welcome to the April edition of Rocket Industrial’s ‘This Month in Packaging’ blog series, a monthly wrap-up of packaging related content that catches our eye.

From unit dose blister packaging preventing accidental ingestion to Amazon investing in emerging technologies, here are five things that caught our attention in April.

Unit Dose Packaging Prevents Accidental Ingestion

Packlock Blister Packaging

WHO: Packlock

WHAT: Packlock’s blister packaging uses a two-step mechanism to access pharmaceuticals and supplements in a child-resistant yet senior-friendly way. When pressure is applied, the blister card creates a rectangular prism that allows the user to push the pill through the backing and into their hand.

WHY IT MATTERS: Every day in the United States, about 150 children are admitted to emergency rooms because of accident unsupervised ingestions with many more calling poison control centers. This innovative medical packaging helps to prevent medical errors without overburdening adult users.

Brands Avoid Raising Prices with Package Shrinkflation

Matchbox design

WHO: Retail Industries

WHAT: Companies are turning to shirnkflation to avoid raising prices on packaged products due to inflation and increased production costs. By downsizing the packaging or releasing higher-priced limited editions, companies are altering their strategies to keep prices competitive. 

WHY IT MATTERS: Shrinkflation is not only used in the packaging industry but across all industries to avoid charging more for a product or service. While making changes, it is also important to ensure that consumers stay loyal and don’t feel disappointed.

Walmart Connects Suppliers to Sustainable Packaging Innovation

Sensory Marketing Influencing Packaging

WHO: Walmart

WHAT: To connect companies searching for more sustainable packaging ideas and those that offer them, Walmart launched an online tool called Circular Connector.

WHY IT MATTERS: This tool will make it easier for brands to connect with innovators to implement more sustainable packaging solutions on a large scale.

Amazon Invests $1 Billion into Innovations

Smarter Food Packaging

WHO: Amazon

WHAT: As customers continue to shop online and look for even faster delivery, Amazon furthers innovations to raise the bar. The $1 billion venture investment program, called the Amazon Industrial Innovation Fund, empowers other companies to develop technologies in customer fulfillment operations, logistics, and the supply chain.

WHY IT MATTERS: By investing in emerging technologies, employee experiences and safety improve while fulfilling consumer expectations not only at Amazon but across all eCommerce platforms.

Exhibiting at Tradeshows

Converter's Expo Green Bay

WHO: Rocket Industrial

WHAT: After a couple of years of putting tradeshows on hold, we were excited to exhibit again. We attended the Wisconsin Association of Meat Processors convention, the Cheese Expo, the Central Wisconsin Manufacturers Association Expo, and the Converters Expo in April.

WHY IT MATTERS: Connecting with current and future customers, vendors, and industry specialists ensures that we are up to date with the latest innovations and advancements to better serve the packaging industry.\

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