Tape vs Glue – What’s Best for You?

Tape vs Glue – What’s Best for You?

You have a variety of options available when it comes to selecting an adhesive for erecting and sealing cases. The two most popular types are pressure-sensitive tape and hot melt glue. Both products offer specific advantages over the other. Ultimately, the best packaging adhesive for the job will depend on your packaging line, existing equipment, and the volume of usage.

Packaging Tape or Hot Melt Adhesive for Case Sealing?

Here is a brief overview of the key benefits each carton sealing option provides over the other.


While tape machines cost less to purchase and operate, glue is a less expensive consumable, which will end up saving you money over time. If a problem happens to arise, repair costs will also be higher on a hot melt system due to the complexity of the equipment. Tape machines are simpler devices and the only component that typically needs maintenance is the tape head.


Glue is extremely versatile and is ideal if you require a custom seal or high-speed assembly. Hot melt systems can run continuously for increased production speed, while many tape systems may need to stop for roll changes. Tape is a better fit for slower, more intermittent case erecting and sealing.

Hot melt systems process at an extremely high temperature, so the operator needs to be cautious to avoid burns. Tape machines provide minimal risk to an operator.

Packaging Protection

Glue offers higher structural strength and a long-term bond, which can protect boxed heavy products better. Tape offers completely sealed flaps though, better protecting the products inside the box from the environment.

Need Help Choosing an Adhesive?

Contact our team for assistance in deciding which carton sealing adhesive is right for your operations. We can provide samples or demo equipment to make the decision process easier.