Strongarm Ergoskeleton Tackles Lifting in Manufacturing

Strongarm Ergoskeleton Tackles Lifting in Manufacturing

StrongArm V22 Ergoskeleton™

StrongArm Technologies, is a company that you need to keep on your radar. They are producing an innovative ergonomic enhancing product aimed at the average worker, someone they have a personal connection with.

“Through innovative design, StrongArm’s flagship product, the V22 ErgoSkeleton™, unlocks human potential with a stress on safety, strength and endurance through injury prevention. The founders, sons of fathers who worked strenuous blue collars jobs, are driven to help the tens of millions of people who use their bodies as instruments for productivity daily.”

-StrongArm Technologies

StrongArm V22 Ergoskeleton

Product Features

  • Reduce Arm Fatigue and Strain
  • Transfer the Lifting Force from the Upper Body to the Legs
  • Reduce Common Lumbar Compression Back Injuries
  • Enforce Proper Lifting Techniques

Rocket Industrial, is proud to showcase the advances and benefits that the products StrongArm Technologies is producing. It’s clear that they genuinely care about the Industrial Athletes™ that make up the backbone of the national labor force. Their V22 ErgoSkeleton™ has been implemented by the crew at the Barclays Center for when they switch from a basketball arena to an ice hockey rink.

“What I like about this product is you don’t have to worry about working incorrectly. You can just put it on, focus on working and the [V22 ErgoSkeleton] keeps you from hurting yourself.”

-Barclays Center Crew Member

Safety and injury prevention technology can save a business more than meets the eye. In 2014 alone, there were nearly 3,000,000 workplace related injuries estimated from the Survey of Occupational Injuries and Illnesses. Over half of the cases resulted in days away from work for the employee. This loss of labor begins to add up and can catch a business off guard. Of course, these devices are equally beneficial for the employees as they acts as a preventative measure for the costs associated with personal injuries.

We are looking forward to seeing StrongArm Technologies push workplace safety and carry on their mission to support the average worker. Not to mention, everything is made right here in the U.S.A.