Steel vs Polyester Strapping [Infographic]

Steel vs Polyester Strapping [Infographic]

Companies often rely on strapping, also called banding, to hold loads in place during transport. Sold in coils, strapping can be applied to loads manually with a hand tool or automatically with a strapping machine. This process feeds strapping around the product or load, then the ends of the stapping are fastened to secure the load.

What is Steel Strapping?

Steel strapping is the oldest and most common type of strapping used. Designed for heavy loads with sharp edges and hard corners, the rigidity of steel strapping holds loads that are not prone to settling as steel strapping doesn't lose its shape.

What is Polyester Strapping?

Unlike steel strapping, polyester banding is more flexible and adaptable to loads that settle or shift during shipment. Because of this, loads with sharp edges can cut through polyester strapping during transit and require corner board or edge protectors to eliminate breaking.

Choosing to use steel for banding and bundling comes along with many serious safety risks as well as high costs. In most cases, polyester performs just as well, while having the advantage of being easier and safer to apply. Use our infographic as a guide to see the comparison between the two materials.

Steel vs Polyester Strapping [Infographic]

Customer Success Story

When a Rocket packaging specialist doing a site audit was able to provide information on the benefits of switching from steel banding to poly banding, such as injury reduction and cost savings, a client was eager to change their banding material. - Find out more in this case study.

Ready to Convert?

If you're interested in knowing what type of cost savings you can expect from converting from steel to polyester banding, we can provide you the data you need. We can also perform tests to show you that your pallets will be just as secure. Contact our team of packaging specialists to get answers your questions.

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