Rocket Industrial Merges with Harder Corp/United Paper

Rocket Harder Corp Merger

We are proud to announce our merger/acquisition of Harder Corp (Madison, WI) and United Paper (Menasha, WI). This merger allows for both Rocket Industrial and “Harder United” to continue providing customers with the best products and services to solve their packaging and facility care challenges.

Rocket Industrial’s President and CEO, Ryan Gallagher, stated, “The expertise and mission of Harder United are an outstanding, complementary fit with Rocket Industrial. Since 1957, Rocket Industrial has grown steadily while focusing on customer responsiveness and innovation. Harder United is closely adjacent to us both geographically and philosophically and has been actively involved in the Wisconsin and Northern Illinois communities.”

According to Rick Zimmerman, CEO of Harder United, “The combined resources, complementary strengths and cultural alignment of our companies will make us a regional powerhouse, with the support of a strong national supply chain. We have known Ryan and Rocket for some time, and it is a natural fit. We go into this with a great deal of mutual excitement.”

About Harder United

In business since 1947, Harder United has grown as an industry-leading provider of facility cleaning and packaging solutions to the commercial, institutional, healthcare, and industrial markets. Focused on making a difference in their customers’ worlds, Harder United’s specialists utilize a large supplier resource network, offer superior industry knowledge, and foster a culture that develops innovative cost-saving ideas.

With offices and distribution centers in Madison, WI, Menasha, WI, and Rockford, IL, Harder United helps to strengthen Rocket Industrial's national distribution network.

Greater Offerings

Both privately held, these independent family businesses share a consultative approach to protecting customers’ products and people through expert packaging and facilities management. Our shared commitment to providing outstanding service and developing and maintaining strong relationships will provide greater support to our customers. From sustainability programs that improve packaging performance to increased buying power, we have the products and resources to increase company efficiency while reducing total costs.

If you're a current Harder Corp or United Paper customer, you can learn more about what to expect from Rocket.

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