Repair or Replace? How to Assess Your Packaging Equipment

Repair or Replace? How to Assess Your Packaging Equipment

Packaging equipment is built to last for many years, but with everyday use, it’s unavoidable for machines to endure daily wear and tear. Good working, efficient packaging equipment is key to a successful line and has a direct correlation to increased profits.

To keep packaging machines working at peak performance, preventative maintenance is necessary. Routinely tending to wear parts and timely repairs will increase the lifespan of your equipment. New machines require less maintenance due to new technology and operate faster, but often come with a higher price tag. Investigating ROI and the advantages of new machinery can help to minimize sticker shock.

Should you continue to do routine repairs on your equipment or is it time to upgrade? Take our brief assessment and review our key factors that go into determining when it's time to upgrade.

Assessing Your Current Packaging Machines

Even the most experienced plant and warehouse managers grapple with whether an equipment upgrade or another repair is in order. Here are some key points to consider when assessing current equipment.

Age - Older machinery can’t compete with the speed and efficiency of new models. Also, as your machine ages, repairs become more costly. Spare parts can also become scarce and costly, which can lead to unplanned and extensive downtime. When maintenance costs begin to stack up, it’s time to consider a new, more technologically advanced model that will offer better performance and longevity.

Usage and Application - As your business grows, so will the output demand on your packaging line. With high daily usage, it’s inevitable for machinery parts to become worn more quickly. It’s important not only to take into consideration the age of your machine but how the machine is being used daily and its current efficiency level.

Your outdated equipment also could be holding you back from using new and improved packaging materials and designs. You could be missing out on reducing material waste or cost reductions from a design change because your current equipment is limited to only one setup.

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Downtime - Is downtime impacting your overall production? Brief maintenance downtime is necessary, but if you’re spending more than 10 hours each month repairing your equipment, you’re losing out on valuable hours of lost productivity. The initial cost of a new machine would be well worth it in the long run.

You should keep in mind though that a replacement machine does come with some temporary downtime due to delivery, installation, and training.

Maintenance History - Take into consideration how much you’ve spent on maintenance in the past years. Upon reflection, it may become apparent that current maintenance services are actually more costly than acquiring a new machine.

Does your current supplier provide you with the service you need? If you are dealing with costly repairs from a supplier that doesn’t provide outstanding service and respect your time, you could easily find value in a new machine from a new supplier.

Making an Informed Decision

There are multiple factors to consider when determining the need to repair or replace packaging machinery. Our service team and equipment experts will provide you the most cost-effective recommendation for your packaging line. Whether you need to be set up on a preventative maintenance plan or review a ROI analysis for new equipment, we can help. Contact our equipment experts to get started.

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