Reinvigorating American Manufacturing

Reinvigorating American Manufacturing

Manufacturing has long played a role in shaping the U.S. economy and has provided employment opportunities for millions of American workers. The industry has faced its share of ups and downs over the years and the coronavirus pandemic has shed a strong light on American manufacturing's strengths and weaknesses.

Manufacturing capacity is raw strength and helped shape the United States into the super-powerful nation it has become. Industrial decline stateside over the years left America unprepared to handle the demand in the products needed to face the coronavirus pandemic. Many manufacturers switched gears and began producing PPE products, masks, and hand sanitizers showing the nation's resilience and ability to come together.

Rebuilding and Reshoring

According to a recent survey by ThomasNet, nearly two-thirds of North American manufacturers say they are likely to bring production and sourcing back to the continent. This number of manufacturers interested in bringing operations back home has leaped from 10% to 64% over the last few months, greatly accelerated by COVID-19. Entire supply chains are currently being re-evaluated at many companies across the country. Automation is a key focus of many operations. Automation technology can make the reshoring process easier due to the boost in productivity it brings.

Inspiring Facts & Statistics About U.S. Manufacturing

American Manufacturing Statistics

Package With Pride

Rocket Industrial is proud to support American manufacturing by supplying many packaging supplies and equipment lines from top American manufacturers.

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