Recycling Banding Materials with a Strap Chopper

Sweed 300 Strap Chopper

Strap choppers are a cost-effective way to dispose of steel and plastic banding efficiently. Choppers also help make recycling obligations easier. The machines are extremely easy to use, efficient, and safe. Simply feed in the strapping and the chopper automatically continues the feed, chops the material, and drops it out the underside of the unit. Safety features and guards are in place to prevent any injuries to the operator.

Why You Should Consider a Strap Chopper

If you are currently using containers to collect your banding and need to empty them often, you may want to consider the value a chopper can bring to your facility. Chopped strapping is compacted and costs far less to dispose of than full banding. Also, as environmental regulations become stricter, dumping fees will continue to rise. In some areas, the fee for emptying dumpsters may be more than the price of a chopper.

Key Benefits

Reduce Material Disposal Fees - With a chopper, you can reduce the number of times dumpsters will need to be emptied. Since dumpster fees can range between $350 to $1,000, in many cases the ROI of a strap chopper can be proven within just one year of use!

Reclaim Production Space - No business can afford to waste storage space. Storing scrap, even for a short time, takes up valuable facility space that could be used for production or more inventory.

Achieve Zero-to-Landfill Goals - Reducing the amount of material you are sending to the landfill not only saves you money since landfill tipping fees can be expensive but also helps with reaching environmental goals. PET, which is often used in strapping, is fully recyclable and should never end up in a landfill. Recycling metal products allows for repurposing and helps preserve the environment.

Other benefits of adding a chopper to your facility include improving the cleanliness of the warehouse, enhancing workplace safety, and eliminating the potential for injury from handling hazardous banding.

Our Recommendation: The Sweed Model 300

A tough machine at an affordable price, Sweed’s Model 300 is an economical solution to keeping your warehouse free of scrap banding. It’s commonly used by timber suppliers, beverage manufacturers, breweries, building material producers, and various distribution centers.

What can it chop? A versatile machine, this unit chops PP, PET, steel strapping, and other lightweight scrap materials.

  • Steel: up to 3/4” x .031”

  • Plastic/Poly: up to 5/8” x .030”

  • Plastic/PET: up to ¾” x .050”

Sweed is an industry leader in scrap chopper solutions with over 50 years of experience and manufacturing facilities located in the USA. Browse our scrap chopper category for larger choppers and accessory options. 

Chop Your Scrap, Strap, and Costs

If you’re currently wasting valuable space to store your banding, a strap chopper could be a great way to achieve multiple savings. Contact us with your strapping and chopping questions, our equipment experts will recommend a chopper to meet your needs.

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