Preventative Maintenance Saves You Time and Money

Preventative Maintenance Saves You Time and Money

Adhering to a preventative maintenance plan is the number one recommendation to improve the lifespan of your packaging equipment. By routinely cleaning and inspecting your equipment, replacing wear components, as well as making sure high wear parts are in stock, and making sure equipment is properly lubricated, you can prevent the issues before they occur. This ultimately leads to a drastic reduction in downtime and repair costs.

Cost Savings

Unexpected downtime leads to production headaches and unplanned costs. These costs can end up being hefty when adding up productivity losses, missed shipments, the cost of the repair, and the costs associated with any damaged parts that need to be replaced.

Often, this situation could have been completely avoided if proper preventative maintenance had been performed on the machines. You wouldn’t feel safe driving your vehicle 20,000 miles without a diagnostic check or some routine maintenance, so why allow your most valuable equipment pieces to be neglected?

Higher Levels of Efficiency

By having routine checks done by your operators, as well as having a plan with a certified technician, will ensure your packaging line is operating at peak efficiency while extending the service life of your machines. Daily checks by equipment operators on the cleanliness and functionality of the machine will help to identify possible issues prior to a complete breakdown. Knowing whether it’s an easy fix or replacement issue vs a complex problem where a service tech is needed is an important to aspect to make sure equipment operators are trained on.

Improved Safety

Making sure your packaging equipment is properly cared for in turn means making sure your employees are cared for. Failing machines lead to all sorts of hazardous situations for packaging line employees. Machines’ electrical and safety features need to be properly checked by a certified technician routinely for your facility to continue to be a safe work environment.

Service & Support Beyond the Sale

We know how important it is to keep your equipment running at peak performance. Our service team is on call 24/7, does on site repairs, and can source over 500,000 parts for stretch wrappers, tapers, strapping machines or any other packaging machine. For more information on how Rocket Industrial can assist you with your packaging equipment maintenance and repair needs, contact our service team.

We can also develop a custom preventative maintenance program for your packaging equipment with you to make sure you are reaching your production goals and avoiding any unplanned downtime and costs.