The Cost of Shipping Damage

The Cost of Shipping Damage

Failed packaging during transit typically leads to a return, resulting in unanticipated financial losses. Filing a freight claim, processing paperwork, inspecting a return, and replacing the damaged product can be costly and time-consuming. The cost to replace a damaged product can cost 17 times more than the original shipping cost. Additionally, failed packaging can also hurt a brand’s reputation and customer loyalty. 39% of consumers would not repeat a purchase if they received defective packaging, increasing to 79% if the product arrived damaged.

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Best Practices to Reduce Shipping Damage

Quick order fulfillment and shipping are important to customers but not at the expense of damaged items. To ensure shipments arrive securely, implement these preventative measures.

Choosing the Right Material

When choosing packaging materials, it is important to consider the product being packaged, the total budget for packaging, and how the product will be stored and transported. Effective packaging reduces damage and packaging costs, resulting in an optimal packaging solution.

Proper Palletizing

Palletizing is the process of stacking boxes on a pallet according to weight and in a pattern that promotes stability. Ensuring that packages are stacked evenly on pallets ensures even weight distribution and reduces movement. Applying proper load containment force to stretch wrap locks the load into place, reducing the amount of movement during transportation. Our engineers can analyze existing stretch wrap materials and pallet processes with our pallet pit stop.

Optimize Warehousing

Maintaining warehouse standards can make a significant difference for products. Improper use of forklifts and other material handling equipment can cause damage to products. Considering appropriate environmental conditions, such as temperature, lighting, and cleanliness, also improves warehousing conditions.

Correct Labeling

Using the proper labels on shipments tells carriers how to handle freight so mishandling can be avoided. If products are clearly labeled hazardous or fragile, products have a better chance of being delivered without damage.

Get Your Ship Together

We have a wide range of packaging supplies, equipment, and services to make sure your packaging is performing at its best. By utilizing our packaging test lab and the expertise of our packaging specialists, we can help you make the best packaging decisions to reduce cost and damages. Contact us to get started.

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