Pack to the Future: 2019 Packaging Predictions

Pack to the Future: 2019 Packaging Predictions

Consumer and industry trends continue to drive the packaging industry. It’s estimated that the worldwide packaging industry’s market value will reach a milestone of almost $1 trillion by 2020. Four big themes of 2019 include an increase in sustainability, convenience, faster operations and flexible packaging. Expect to see these trends intertwine this year and continue to grow in the future.

Greener Packaging

As more companies begin to take responsibility for what they create, the focus on sustainable products and packaging will continue to grow. Cheap materials such as plastics and foams are being replaced by biodegradable materials like paper, cellulose and bamboo. Using reusable packaging and upcycled materials will also become more popular in addition to simply reducing the amount of packaging used. We are ready to help our clients make a change for the better whether this be by using more eco-friendly materials or helping to Package With Less.

Flexible Packaging

The flexible packaging market is expected to reach almost $100 billion this year. Products with flexible packaging are lighter and cheaper to ship, easier to store and easier to open for an end consumer. Expect to see an increase in demand and availability of flexible materials this year with many of these supporting the push for sustainability.

E-commerce Packaging

Although e-commerce growth isn’t new for 2019, the e-commerce sphere is continuing to grow with no sign of slowing down. Consumers and businesses alike are choosing the convenience of online ordering as well as expecting to receive their orders as quickly and safely as possible. New packaging solutions will be needed to meet higher standards of protection, durability, prevent tampering and offer other performance factors.

Faster Packaging Operations

With shipping times expected to be decreased from weeks to days across multiple industries, it will be more important than ever to make sure you have the right packaging equipment and processes in place. Replacing manual processes and upgrading to high speed automation solutions will be a must. Many of our clients have had such huge success in this area seeing increased cost savings due to decreased waste, less labor and increased output that they actually regret not updating their outdated operations earlier.

Packaging with Less in 2019

Less is more will be a huge theme this year while many companies begin to take a sustainable and minimalist view on their packaging operations. We can help guide you to where you want to be, whether your goal is to use less labor, less material or reduce your operating costs in general.