Pack Expo Recap - The Best New Innovations

Pack Expo Recap - The Best New Innovations

Pack Expo 2016 in Chicago this year brought hundreds of new innovations into the spotlight for packaging industry. We’re bringing you the best from the show from unique perspectives. Continue reading for interviews from our team and our partners thoughts on the things that stood out the most at Pack Expo 2016.

From Our Team – Todd Peabody, Territory Manager

What impressed you the most at Pack Expo?

Todd - I've been really impressed with a new bagging machine that fills pre-made pouches and can make those pouches on the same machine (flat bottom and pinch bottom).

What should everyone be keeping their eye on? What trends do you see emerging?

Todd - I've seen more overseas packaging machines coming on to market, their knock off brands, cheaper and you get what you pay for. Make sure you're purchasing your packaging equipment from a reputable company.

Are there any new innovations that you saw that you’re planning to bring to your clients?

Todd - I was really impressed with the improvement of thermal formed rigid packaging. These food safe products have really grown in variety. They’re completely customize-able and can be tailored at specific types of products that can really deliver a better experience to their customers.

“It’s always good to go back [to Pack Expo] just to see all the advancements that I can bring to my customers/clients.”

-Todd Peabody, Territory Manager

From Our Partners – Mike Grimes & Team, IPG

What takeaways do you want people to have from your group at Pack Expo?

Mike - The most important thing is that [potential customers] see how dynamic we are. We really strive to serve all industries. We've updated our capabilities and have invested heavily to surround our clients with the best available solutions.

From Our Clients – Tyler N. eCommerce & Distribution

What were you looking forward to seeing at Pack Expo, did you do any prior research?

Tyler - As always we used it as an opportunity to visit our vendors and other client relationships. We’re interested in seeing some case erectors and poly bag sealers. We’re always going down there every year just to see what the latest innovations are as well.

What have you been most impressed with at Pack Expo?

Tyler - Well, we were there for just about three days, always impressed with the robots there. However, the ROI and price aren’t quite there yet for us. When dealing with our special boxes the lids just get picked up by the robot, not the whole box yet…

What's one key takeaway or innovation you’ve learned about at this year’s Pack Expo?

Tyler - AVG or Automated Vehicle Guidance, they’re getting closer and closer…we’re interested in some of the automated forklifts they have planned for warehouse implementation.

Who/What should everyone be keeping their eye on? What trends do you see emerging?

Tyler - Dimensional Pricing Model, companies are really starting to become aware of air and wasted space within their packaging.