Our Response to Current Market Challenges

Our Response to Current Market Challenges

As turbulent market conditions continue, our customer promise remains constant. It is our mission to uphold customer communication as we strive to proactively provide solutions of great value. Our commitment to Package with Less cost, waste, and labor addresses supply chain disruptions to best meet your needs.

Along with many industries across the globe, Rocket has experienced product constraints, and surging demands have provoked supply chain issues and pricing increases. Growing demand for commodities used in the production of plastic, equipment, and paper-based packaging products is straining the supply chain at an unprecedented level and is predicted to continue well into 2022. Costs of raw materials such as resin, polyester, pulp, steel, paper, and corrugated continue to rise or remain at all-time highs. Additionally, soaring transportation expenses due to labor and shipping container shortages have had a profound impact on our industry. A lack of workforce in various manufacturing positions has interfered with product availability. This labor shortage has forced companies to optimize packaging processes, multiplying the demand for equipment, and extending lead times.

Despite these challenges, Rocket Industrial has taken distinct steps to mitigate rising costs, inform our customers, and identify innovative solutions.

What Rocket is doing:

  • Strategically sourcing within our extensive and developed supplier network and finding alternative solutions
  • Creatively eliminating material waste to reduce costs
  • Thoroughly analyzing packaging processes and inventory strategies to offer suggestions
  • Consistently providing innovative and data-backed solutions driven by our packaging engineers and test lab findings
  • Promptly responding to lowering market prices
  • Responsively monitoring and reporting market trends internally and externally
  • Continuing to be completely transparent with our customers as we work together during this difficult time

We appreciate your continued support and patience during this challenging time. We remain committed to providing an excellent product line and the best experience possible for our customers. Please contact us with any feedback or additional questions that you might have.

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