3 Ways to Navigate Supply Shortages for Packaging Materials

3 Ways to Navigate Supply Shortages for Packaging Materials

As supply chain shortages continue, it is important to consider the options available to create a more resilient packaging line. Depending on the issues your company is facing, there are a variety of ways to combat supply shortages and strengthen your packaging line.

1. Consider Alternative Materials

Even though you are using packaging supplies that work for your current production line, there may be other materials that will work just as well or even better. Identifying alternative solutions that are readily available and testing their compatibility is a great way to ensure little to no disruption.

Common materials that can be replaced with similar options are carton sealing tape with water activated tape, foam packaging with kraft protective packaging or air pillows, and labels with direct carton printing. These alternatives not only minimize procurement lead time but are often more sustainable.

Our packaging test lab is equipped to test and evaluate your packaging to determine the best solution to supply chain challenges. From packaging optimization to cost reduction, our packaging test lab experts are here to help.

2. Invest in Custom Packaging

Custom packaging not only elevates your brand recognition, creates a better customer experience, and increases product protection, it also provides a level of certainty that you will be able to continue receiving the materials that you need.

By switching to a custom design for your packaging, your company can save on packaging costs. Having properly fitting packaging protects your product during shipment and reduces extra packaging, lowering costs.

3. Adjust Order Patterns

As materials continue to be in high demand and in short supply, it might be time to adjust your order patterns. Increasing order frequencies or volumes can ensure you don’t run out of your most important packaging materials.

Our network of trusted vendors and suppliers allows us to source the products that you need in higher quantities. Talk to your sales representative today to adjust your order patterns to ensure you will never be “out of stock” again.

Supply chains are becoming more complex and harder to navigate. Our capabilities are designed to help you succeed by getting the most out of your packaging through the best products and solutions in the industry. Contact one of our packaging experts to learn more. 

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