6 Must Have Products & Tools for Your Warehouse

6 Must Have Products & Tools for Your Warehouse

To increase packaging and warehouse efficiency, you must have the right tools. Here are a few tools you should consider for your shipping team that won't break the bank.

Battery Powered Strapping Tool

Strapping tools speed up the process of securing products or pallets for shipment. Handheld strapping tools have the added benefit of being lightweight and portable. Most banders weigh around eight pounds and can be easily operated with one hand. They can be used for multiple strapping widths and all vertical and horizontal strapping applications.

Our Rocket Industrial Handheld Strapping Tool is one of the most durable and affordable banders on the market. It comes with two batteries and a charger for immediate bundling use with no downtime.

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Strap Chopper

Strapping is commonly used during shipments, but often not recycled properly after use. A strap chopper helps keep your warehouse free of scrap banding, improves workplace safety, and reduces material dumping fees. If you’re currently using large, space hogging containers to dispose of strapping, you should consider the value a strap chopper offers. In many cases, fees for dumping are more than the cost of a chopper!

Eco-Friendly Air Pillows

Improve your environmental performance by switching to a more eco-friendly solution to void fill. Our On-Demand Air Pillow Machine uses biodegradable air pillows that hold up and perform just as well as typical air pillow films. An on-demand machine also helps reduce inventory on hand and overall packaging costs.

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Spare Tape Head Blades

Case sealers are a key component of your packaging operations. To keep them running smoothly and at peak performance, it’s important to keep your case sealer properly maintained and keep wear parts on hand to reduce any downtime, especially tape head blades. Blades need to be sharp and kept clean to perform properly. Replace dull blades immediately to make sure you’re getting a clean cut on every tape application.

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Woven Strapping Kit

Bundling heavy items such as fencing, lumber, steel, and other industrial materials can be done safely with the right tools. Woven poly strapping is designed to meet or exceed the break strength of steel banding and is safer for workers to use. A strapping toolbox kit is an easy way to bring the necessary tools and materials to job sites or shipping yards.

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Utility Knife with Scoring Wheel

Utility knives and box cutters are essential for any warehouse to have on hand. Knives with scoring wheels are multipurpose tools that can be used as standard box cutters and for resizing boxes. This simple tool can reduce packaging waste by eliminating the need for void fill.

Improve Your Shipping Operations with the Right Tools

Arm your shipping and warehouse team with the tools to make packaging safer and more efficient. Whether you're considering adding equipment to your line or looking for small improvements, we can help make your packaging and shipping departments more productive. Contact our packaging specialists to learn more.

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