Material Handling Reimagined

Material Handling Reimagined

As the busy holiday season approaches UPS braces for the upcoming storm. Not a storm in a normal sense but a flurry of packages that need to be delivered with speed and accuracy. In fact during peak seasons, like Christmas, UPS processes 1.6 million packages a day at just one of their facilities. This is done by photo eyes, miles of conveyors, scanners, video recognition, and an extensive material handling software system.

Most of us are breathing a sigh of relief that our facilities do not have to handle that level of distribution, but all of us would like to optimize our material handling. According to Benchmarking Fulfillment ShareGroups on average your facility should be looking at picking 140-180 units per hour and shipping 140-160 packages per hour. To get to that level you need equipment that conforms to your changing needs and one of the most overlooked pieces of equipment in material handling is the conveyor.

The BestConnect Rigid Reconfigurable Conveyor System can be easily configured and re-configured as required to suit your material handling needs. Watch the video below to get a sampling of the nearly infinite amount of possible configurations.

Material Handling Reinvented

  • • Plug & Play automated flow control
  • • 16 Pin Connector communication for easy reconfiguration
  • • Two way splits & double unloads for inspection and loading
  • • Easy to use system with no engineering requirements
  • • Counting device available
  • • Modular design allows sections to be added and changed easily
  • • Ideal for new operations and seasonal peaks to increase capacity


Engineering Help Available

Get in touch with our experts to develop your conveyor setup.