In Memory of Tommy Wanserski

In Memory of Tommy Wanserski

(L-R: Traci & Bob Leffel, Tony Steffen, Tommy Wanserski, Ryan Gallagher, Bob Roux. 2018 Packer vs. Bear game.)

It is with deep sadness as we write to let you know Rocket Industrial lost one of our own, Tommy Wanserski earlier this month.

In the 15 years Tommy was with Rocket, he became one of our best employees in the history of the company. With multiple sales awards and championing several industry-leading advancements, he was a shining, positive example of a team player. Tommy regularly thanked our entire team for the work that we all do, from dropping into the warehouse to say thanks to stopping by our customer service team to thank them for helping place orders.

Tommy Wanserski Family

Rocket Industrial has created a Tommy Wanserski Memorial Fund to help his family during this trying time, and for a scholarship for his children's future. We will also be starting a new sales award in Tommy's honor.

On the wall of Rocket MVPs, Tommy’s number would be retired, and his jersey hung from the rafters – he’d be in our Hall of Fame.

We will be keeping Tommy’s wife Lindsay and their family in our hearts during this time.

Read more about Tommy here.