How To Increase the Longevity Of Your Banding Tool

How To Increase the Longevity Of Your Banding Tool

Banding tools are one of the commonly used tools in packaging. Banders make securing heavy loads, bundling products, and reinforcing boxes faster and easier. It’s important to ensure their long-term performance to improve productivity.

Being the valuable strapping tool they are, they need to be treated with care by being maintained properly. Our service team has come up with some dos and don’ts of bander maintenance so you can increase the longevity of your bander. Some of these may sound obvious but are important to enforce and share with your team.

Bander Maintenance Dos...

1. Use a brass brush to clean the tooth plate and tension wheel

Steel will dull these key parts, so avoid using steel! Most brand name banders will include a brass cleaning brush.

2. Use a counterbalance system

A counterbalance system distributes weight more evenly for easier maneuverability. Many units have this feature built-in as it also helps reduce drops. Around 50% of repairs we see are caused by drops.

3. Use compressed air to clean tool

At least once a week, blow the tool out with compressed air. This prevents debris and plastic dust buildup in the tool.

4. Charge batteries before storage

Battery life can be prolonged by charging batteries before storage. Also, a good habit to get into so you have freshly charged batteries for the next time you or your team members need the tool.

5. Only use with plastic banding

Using steel banding is dangerous and will ruin the tensioning, welding, and cutting components. Check out our selection of polyester or polypropylene strapping designed specifically for battery-powered hand-held strapping tools.

6. Keep your tool on a banding cart

It’s good practice to keep your tool on a banding cart designed for holding and dispensing the banding. Also having a separate bin for the battery is a good idea too. This will keep your tool in a safe location so it's not susceptible to damage risks.

Bander Maintenance Don'ts...

These are things to absolutely avoid doing at all costs to enjoy a long life from your bander. We, unfortunately, see a lot of issues that could have avoided repair from people doing one of the following things.

1. Clean the tool plate or tension wheel with a screwdriver

Although it might seem convenient, never use a metal object to clean out the bander. There’s a reason a brass brush was included with your bander.

2. Drop your bander

Even if you think you can let go of your bander because you think it will not be much of a fall. Don’t risk it. Although banding tools are rugged, the internal parts can easily be damaged from the impact.

3. Let debris build up in your bander

You may think the small amount of debris or plastic dust will not affect the tools’ performance, however, that small amount of debris will continue to accumulate every time your tool is used. Ignoring this usually will cause your tool to malfunction at an inconvenient time, or when you need it most.

4. Store a battery in an uncharged state

Get in the habit of charging the batteries before storing them and educate your team members to do the same. This will ensure optimal performance and increase the battery's lifespan.

5. Use the bander with steel strapping

The golden rule... plastic strapping only!

6. Keep your bander in an unprotected location

Protect your bander. Banding tools are investments to better your packaging operations. Keeping your bander in a safe location when not in use will keep it from being damaged.

Need Your Strapping Tool Repaired?

As a full-service provider, Rocket Industrial is equipped with a 24/7 service center to do strapping tool repairs in-house or on-site via our mobile repair center. We are capable of servicing most brands and keep the most common wear items on hand. Contact our service team for fast repairs. We'll get you back up and running in no time.

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