How to Choose Your Beer Packaging Partner

How to Choose Your Beer Packaging Partner

Whether you’re an established brewer or new to the market, having a successful packaging strategy is crucial to your growth. Growth can often lead to supply and logistic challenges. By choosing a single source packaging partner, you don’t have to handle it alone. Consider these factors to guide you in choosing the right packaging partner for your beer.

1. Experience Working with Breweries

You put your heart into the details and quality of your beer; find a partner that will do the same for your packaging. Look for a supplier who totes their passion for the industry and has a proven track record of helping breweries improve their packaging and supply chain. An experienced beer packaging partner will be able to show you examples of how they have reduced costs for other brewers and past packaging design improvements.

2. Carries Essential Beer Packaging Products

Having a single source packaging provider is extremely beneficial. Many breweries have established relationships with various niche packaging supplies: buying bottles and cans from company x, cartons and trays from company y, and branded carrier handles from company z. This can often lead to higher costs, inconsistent lead times, and a buying headache. Choose a partner that can serve all your beer packaging needs, carries a comprehensive product line, and will be able to support you as you grow.

3. Provides Supportive Services

To be a true packaging partner, look at suppliers that offer services and programs that will be beneficial to you. Programs such as Vendor Managed Inventory can help growing breweries streamline their inventory and free up precious facility space.

Other useful services are:

Custom Packaging Design – Packaging is an extension of your identity, so your branding and design need to be consistent with your story.

Testing Lab – The secondary packaging you choose needs to properly protect your products. By utilizing your partner’s testing services, you can be assured that you’re using the best shrink and corrugate materials to keep your beer safe during transport.

Equipment Service & Repair – If you’re purchasing new equipment or have current equipment that needs maintenance, it’s convenient and cost-effective to have a packaging partner that offers service and repair programs.

Sustainable Sourcing – The focus on sustainability continues to grow across all industries, including brewing. Your partner should be able to provide strategies to use less material and eco-friendly alternatives.

4. Understands Total Cost Optimization

Don’t just go for the cheapest material price, look to a supplier who will take a holistic approach to reduce your packaging costs. A proactive partner will be constantly looking for ways to streamline, optimize, and automate your packaging processes. This will help you invest more back into growing your business.

Your Craft Meets Our Craft

Rocket Industrial has experience in working with breweries of all sizes. Our packaging specialists understand the beer industry and the packaging solutions brewers need. We promise to not only provide a comprehensive product line but also consistently bring innovations and ideas that lead to real cost savings. Let’s grab a pint and talk packaging. Contact us to get started.

Learn more about Rocket Industrial's beer packaging solutionsLearn more about Rocket Industrial's beer packaging solutionsLearn more about Rocket Industrial's beer packaging solutions