How to Choose the Right Packaging Materials

How to Choose the Right Packaging Materials

The packaging material you choose often becomes the line between product loss and product profit, so making the wrong choice can be detrimental to your bottom line. Not using the right material for your products can also cause underpackaging or over-packaging which leads to product damage or material waste. Important factors to consider when deciding on packaging material and its design are the product being packaged, the total budget for packaging, and how the product will be stored and transported.


The product's unique traits will help determine which material to use. If the product is perishable, an insulated container will help maintain the temperature or a perforated film will allow for proper air circulation. For products that are susceptible to vibrations, using cushioning materials or internal bracing can minimize the risk of damage. No matter how appealing or innovative your packaging design may be, it’s only effective if it preserves the quality of your product.


Just as not all products are created equal, neither are packaging materials. It is essential not to cut corners with packaging as it can negatively affect the integrity of products during shipment and transportation. As a rule of thumb, packaging typically costs about 10% of the overall product cost. High damage rates are a big problem and show that the packaging is not functional, but too low damage rates can reveal overpackaging, which wastes material. Finding an optimal packaging solution will cost your company less overall.

Storage & Transportation

Understanding the entire lifecycle of a product from transportation to end consumer is important when choosing the right packaging material for a product. Factors that need to be considered are how far the package will travel, what elements will be faced by transportation, the type of transportation used, and in what conditions the product will be stored. Using the proper stretch film and edge protectors when wrapping pallets of the product will lessen damage and ensure the product arrives safely. If the product is sold in retail stores, the longevity and branding of the packaging also need to be considered. Branded packaging helps establish and reinforce brand recognition and helps products stand out from competitors.

Package Testing

Testing and evaluating the performance of your packaging materials will ensure your packages remain intact during shipment. Environmental and shock tests simulate real-life situations your package or pallet will encounter. Our packaging lab can test how one material compares against another and determine areas to cut costs while keeping your products safe.

Optimize Your Packaging

Rocket Industrial offers a wide variety of packaging supplies and custom packaging designs. Our packaging specialists ensure that your packaging meets your needs while saving money and meeting sustainability goals. Contact us to get started.

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