Hello Downtown – An Inside Look at Rocket Industrial’s New Digs

Hello Downtown – An Inside Look at Rocket Industrial’s New Digs

From the Industrial Park to Downtown

The Rocket Industrial Wausau team has only been in our new space for a couple of weeks, but we already feel at home. Formerly utilized as a showroom and offices for the iconic shoe company Nike, we adapted the space to our needs while keeping its integrity. A lot of thought went into this new office space, such as our uniquely named conference rooms, collaboration areas, and breakrooms for company gatherings, but what we are most excited about is our new location in downtown Wausau being located a short 90 minutes West of Lambeau Field, 2 hours North of Madison and 2.5 hours East of Minneapolis/St. Paul.

Inside Our New Space

The first day that all employees started at our new downtown location, we were warmly welcomed with a balloon arch to ramp up our excitement even more. Once finding our desks, we looked around in awe at our new home; the big windows allow for light to shine in, creating a bright and airy work environment that shows us the beauty of downtown Wausau.

Rocket Industrial Office

The minimalistic and contemporary furniture throughout the space invites employees to change their perspectives and vantage points by creating new settings where one can work. This focus on design transfers to how we spend our time—working thoughtfully to help the world Package With Less.

As the central hub for our main operations, it is necessary to include extra workspaces for those traveling to Wausau from our other locations spread across the United States. In having dedicated areas for out-of-towners, our whole team feels welcome and excited to travel to Wausau.

Memorable Mural

Since we are in Wisconsin, it was to no surprise that a Green Bay Packer’s Lambeau Field mural was spread across one of the breakroom walls. Previously occupied by Nike, the mural was painted to remind employees of athletic achievement and competition yet Rocket Industrial translates these values into our business and work environment. Achievement, excellence, and competition run through our office. Similar to the passion of the Green Bay Packers, Rocket Industrialists continue to solve packaging challenges and are finding new, innovative ways to do so.

Rocket Industrial Office Mural

Moving Forward

Although it felt like a maze to find someone in a different department at first, we have become accustomed to the creative spaces, hearing the bustle of downtown Wausau, and continuous engagement that this space has encouraged. Ryan Gallagher, President of Rocket Industrial states, “We’ll continue to work passionately to build a rewarding, meaningful, and fun place to work for our team.”

Because of our move, we have a new address. Our new corporate office address is 200 Washington St Suite 220, Wausau, WI, 54403. Rocket Industrial also has 13 additional locations that span across the United States. - View press release.

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