What's Driving the Dramatic Growth of Robotics?

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Robotics are growing more popular in a wide variety of industries from automotive to healthcare. Especially in manufacturing, automation is helping to achieve ever higher levels of precision, productivity and safety. This shift toward robotics will only accelerate, with global spending in the industrial sector said to reach over $24 billion by 2025.

The not-so distant future of robotics

Just as labor availability has reached a truly critical state, the newest generation of robots are making it easier and less costly than ever to automate.


As robotics technology continues to rapidly evolve and become more accessible, the once significant cost of implementation continues to look more appealing. For as little as a $25,000 investment, small and medium sized businesses are seeing success with implementation of robots to do work such as pick and place, which frees up employees for more meaningful work. ROI is seen more quickly due to lack of errors, reduced labor costs, and an increase in productivity.


Not only is it becoming easier to integrate robotics into current production processes, but technology now includes efficiency data capture and mobile tracking with solutions such as Packlytics. Receiving real-time data reports to track performance and consumable usage rates can come close to eliminating downtime. Previously unavailable time-stamped data at the individual machine level means adjustments can now be made to help accelerate production, cut costs and optimize overall performance.

The Ultimate Guide to Packaging Automation


Robot manufacturers are making robots easier to program and operate with less training. Many robots are based on an open-source framework and can be programmed by demonstrating a task or inputting commands on a tablet. This is breaking down a huge barrier for small facilities, as advanced training and technical skills are no longer needed for operation.

FANUC’s new SCARA robots have a lower cost of entry, are easy to setup, and the compact design provides significant space savings. These robots feature high-speed, precise operation for pick and place, assembly, testing/inspection, and many packaging processes. Built-in sensing and tracking features along with web-based programming make these robots very user friendly.


Cobots are becoming more competitive, more flexible and provide strong safety features to protect their human counterparts. Many jobs can be made easier and more productive with a robot and human team, so it’s not a surprise cobots are becoming one of the most popular robotics investments.

Robotics and Automation Solutions

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