Eliminate Damages with Cost-Efficient Window and Door Packaging Solutions

Eliminate Damages with Cost-Efficient Window and Door Packaging Solutions

Packaging windows and doors involve a lot of complexities due to many custom-sized products and the handling of fragile materials. Luckily, there are many innovative, cost-efficient packaging solutions to provide your products with optimal protection. Consider the following solutions to save time and reduce packaging costs without compromising protection.

Stretch Wrap Machines

Stretch wrapped loads are more secure and keep products free of dirt and moisture. Stretch wrap your products quickly and efficiently with specialized wrappers built for wrapping finished and semi-finished products.

• Industry Specific Stretch Wrapper – The Robopac Rotoplat 508 DW is designed specifically for wrapping windows and doors. This turntable semi-automatic stretch wrapper has adjustable brackets, which allow you to wrap various sizes. Watch the video below to see the 508 DW in action.

• Horizontal Stretch WrapperHorizontal stretch wrapping machines are a productive and safe way to wrap doors, windows, cabinets, textiles, lumber, and more. This type of pallet wrapper uses a horizontally oriented ring to wrap stretch film around elongated products. The operation of these semi-automatic or fully automatic machines is safe and simple, saving time and labor costs. For products of varying heights, manual adjustments can be made to adjust the wrapping area of the machine.

• Custom Stretch Wrapper - If a standard machine won't meet your needs, completely customized pallet wrappers can also be configured for specialized window and door packaging applications.

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Corner and Edge Protection

Durable and effective, corner and edge protectors come in a large variety of widths and lengths to fit your products’ needs. Protectors keep windows and doors from rubbing against each other in transit and provide the precise amount of protection needed to prevent additional damages.

Additional benefits:

  • Extremely versatile and completely customizable to fit your application no matter the size or shape.
  • A sustainable protective packaging option with most options being 100% recyclable.
  • Decreased assembly time for packing window and door products.
  • Reduced (often eliminated) damage rates, fewer returns, and better customer satisfaction.
  • Less material usage by getting rid of unnecessary bulky packaging.
  • Less packaged shipped weight reduces shipping costs and frees up storage space in facilities.
Door Edge Protection

Custom-Sized Packaging

Since windows and doors come in an infinite number of configurations, a completely custom packaging solution may be best for your product. Custom fit solutions will greatly reduce the risk of damages to sensitive components. Using properly sized boxes will also simplify the stacking process during shipment. By use of our testing lab, we can provide the data to determine the best solution to cut material costs and reduce damages.

Our Window and Door Packaging Services

Our packaging experts are here to solve your window and door packaging challenges. We’re your single source for protective packaging, custom packaging, vendor managed inventory, and specialized packaging equipment. These solutions will make your brand succeed while reducing costs and damages. Contact us to get started.

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