Chamber Vacuum Sealer Buyer's Guide

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Commonly used to package foods, vacuum sealers remove the air around an object in a bag or pouch, then use a heated seal bar to fuse the sides of the bag together to create a seal. This vacuum seal prevents air from leaking back into the bag, extending the shelf life of foods.

Chamber vacuum sealer vs vacuum sealer

There are two different types of vacuum sealers, external and chamber. Most people are familiar with external vacuum sealers as they can be purchased at retail stores. Vacuum sealers keep the vacuum bags outside of the machine and work well in small kitchens and with light-duty use. For chamber vacuum sealers, the bags are placed inside the chamber and are best for commercial use and sealing liquids.

How does a chamber vacuum sealer work?

Unlike edge vacuum sealers which suck air out of bags, chamber vacuum sealers remove all the air from the machine’s chamber, including the air inside a bag, resulting in a true airtight seal. This method creates an equal pressure inside of the chamber, ensuring that the product inside the bag stays in place during sealing. Because of this, chamber vacuum sealers are commonly used to seal soups, sauces, marinades, and other liquids.

How to Choose a Vacuum Sealer

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The two main attributes to consider when purchasing a chamber vacuum sealer are the size of the items being sealed and the level of production.

Single vs dual chamber

Single chamber vacuum sealers contain one chamber for sealing items whereas the dual chamber have two chambers for sealing. The difference between these two does not depending on the type of sealing, but rather production speed. Single chambers are best for low to medium volume packaging while dual chambers higher production speeds. Additionally, dual chambers typically have either addicted opening lids or automatic lids to aid the operator.

Chamber size and seal bars

The other main consideration when choosing a vacuum sealer is the size of the chamber. Depending on the size bags that will be used, the chamber needs to be large enough to fit the bag. Machines also come with single or multiple seal bars in various lengths. Longer seal bars and multiple bars accommodate more than one bag at a time, allowing for faster production.

Not sure which vacuum sealer is right for you?

Vacuum sealers offer a cost-effective and reliable way to preserve, package, and protect perishable foods. Contact us our packaging specialists to ensure you choose the best chamber vacuum sealer for your needs.

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