5 Advantages of Working With a Packaging Distributor

5 Advantages of Working With a Packaging Distributor

Switching from using multiple vendors to a single packaging distributor might sound risky and intimidating, but making the change could be a huge opportunity to improve your packaging processes. Here are some of the biggest advantages of working with a packaging distributor.

1. Access to a Variety of Packaging Materials and Equipment

The biggest benefit of teaming up with a distributor for your packaging products is the variety. Distributors aren’t tied to one brand, which allows you access to a diverse product range.

With a diverse range of solutions readily available, distributors are uniquely positioned to help with any kind of packaging challenges. We work with numerous vendors to find the best solution for your packaging operations. You’ll get an honest assessment and comparison of materials and machines.

2. Serious Packaging Expertise

The extensive sourcing network of distributors also comes with access to extensive packaging knowledge. You’ll be working with specialists who have a wealth of knowledge including being up-to-date on the latest design trends and being highly trained on packaging equipment. This also gives you a strategic advantage in reducing packaging costs and shortening your decision-making process.

If we don’t have the answer for you immediately, we’ll be able to get the information to you quickly by reaching out to our internal specialists and external experts.

3. High Level of Customer Service and Support

A great distributor offers exceptional customer service and continuous, dedicated support. Having a team manage your account, quickly provide quotes on multiple products, handle any ordering issues that arise, and offer technical support is a huge time saver for your team.

We have a dedicated parts department available for support and our techs are highly trained on many types of packaging tools and equipment.

4. Single Source Solutions

Working with a distributor can drastically simplify your sourcing. Distributors take the stress out of finding the right packaging solutions at the right cost. It not only reduces time spent chasing down multiple vendors but can also result in significant cost reductions.

We can help you source materials and equipment, service and maintain your equipment, manage your inventory, test your packaging, and provide you many other packaging-related services.

5. Building a Strong Relationship

To be exceptional, packaging distributors have to do more than simply fill orders. With the ever-changing market, a full-service packaging supplier can help you stay ahead of the game. When you partner with us, you’ll not only get supplies at a great price, we’ll also help you improve and optimize your packaging operations. Contact us to learn more and start reducing your packaging costs.

Partnering with Rocket Industrial

By working with us, you'll have access to these key advantages and more to help you improve your packaging operations and simplify your supply chain. We pride ourselves on our responsiveness, flexibility, and problem solving techniques. Contact us to get started on making your packaging better!

Learn more about Rocket Industrial's capabilities.Learn more about Rocket Industrial's capabilities.Learn more about Rocket Industrial's capabilities.