3M Products Always Close By

3M Products Always Close By
US Bank Stadium

You’re Never more than 10ft. from a 3M product.

If you analyze the depth of 3M’s product line this statistic starts to seem to believable. 3M has become the Google of manufacturing through science and innovation. Their ability to provide unique, as well as standard, solutions makes them a key partner in their latest project, the new U.S. Bank stadium. At any point in the Minneapolis football arena, where the new crowds will form, 3M products are close by.

Specifically speaking, one of the new innovations of the stadium is its transparent roof. Its goal being to deliver an open air natural light experience while still being functional in the northern environment.

“The stadium’s 248,000-square-foot roof and facade is covered by 75 three-layer ETFE film cushions, making U.S. Bank Stadium the largest ETFE film project in the United States. Some of the individually air-filled cushions are more than 1,200 square feet long and about 32 feet wide. The top film is printed with a geometric pattern, which scatters the sunlight and prevents a greenhouse effect in summer. In winter, the film roof protects the interior from the cold outside temperatures.”

-3M Press Release

Vikings fans will see 3M technology nearly everywhere they look inside the stadium – from the graphic films and DI-NOC Architectural finishes in concessions, to the Fluoroplastic ETFE on the clear, lightweight and self-cleaning roof constructed by Vector Foiltec with film manufactured from 3M Dyneon Fluoroplastic ETFE by NOWOFOL Kunststoffprodukte GmbH. Even during construction, 3M technology helped builders stay safe through personal safety products like eye wear, helmets and hearing protection. 3M fire barrier products will also protect the stadium for years to come.

At Rocket Industrial we are proud to partner with 3M. We respect their goal of applying science to life which aligns with our mission to Package With LessTM. Using the latest technology to create more efficiency with less waste can be found within any of the 3M products we provide to our clients.

A Sample of the Products Used

Double Coated Urethane

3M™ Double Coated Urethane Foam Tape 4008
This tape is a thick, double-coated open-cell urethane foam tape with a 62 lb. densified kraft paper liner. Ideal for applications such as mounting interior signage and nameplates. This tape provides handling convenience and cushioning.



3M™ Metallized Flexible Duct Tape 3350
Used at flexible duct connections to prevent loss of air flow. Resists flame, resists moisture, resists weather, resists UV degradation, chemical resistant tape, thermally conductive tape for heating and cooling efficiency, heat reflective tape, light reflective tape, conformable tape.


Spray Adhesive

3M™ Foam Fast 74 Spray Adhesive
Used for bonding flexible urethane or latex foam together and to other materials such as wood, metal and plastics. Features include high coverage, soft bond lines, and immediate bonds.


Smoke and Sound Sealer

3M ™ Smoke and Sound Sealant SS100
A high-performance flexible latex sealant designed to minimize sound transfer and prevent the spread of smoke. Designed to seal construction joints and through penetrations in non-fire-rated wall and floor assemblies.


Fire Barrier

3M™ Fire Barrier Cast-In Devices for Metal Pipes
The device is installed by attaching directly to the form before a concrete slab is poured. Creates an opening through which mechanical, electrical or plumbing penetrants can be routed after the slab is cured and forms are removed. Provides up to 3-hour fire protection.


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