100th Anniversary of United Paper

100th Anniversary of United Paper

Join us in celebrating the 100th Anniversary of United Paper!

United Paper, a division of Rocket Industrial, is a wholesale distributor of paper, packaging, janitorial, food service, and health care supplies. Locally owned and operated since 1921, in Menasha, WI, United Paper continues to offer daily delivery services within a forty-mile radius of its facilities.

In honor of this commendable milestone, Jeff Krawczyk, experienced sales representative at United, gave an inside look at the business’s historic growth. In 1979, Jeff was hired as a warehouse manager and truck driver. At this time the warehouse was not heated, orders were handwritten on carbon paper copies, and potato carts were used to load the company’s single delivery truck. Since then, crucial innovations have alleviated this extremely tedious process and spurred United’s development.

In 1986, Jeff transitioned to a role in sales, where he continues to expand the business today. Before the company’s first computer system and software, progress was illustrated through hand-sketched graphs. During this time, new product lines were consistently added as modernization ramped up and management encouraged diverse avenues. Since 1921, United Paper has maintained a localized approach. Their founding goal is to be responsive to all customer requests with efficient and effective solutions.

Over the last 100 years, United Paper has experienced many advancements. To name a few, the implementation of the company’s first computer system and relocation to a new facility expedited routines and simplified business. Unloading delivered inventory used to take about 3 hours, today the process totals 30 minutes. Jeff mentioned that “During this time our business became a 24/7 business, manufactures started to use our products every day of the week, all day long…which was huge.”


Harder’s purchase of United Paper, and Rocket’s recent acquisition of the two, will allow United to continue to expand its capabilities and reach new market segments. We are excited to commemorate United for its resiliency, growth, and future longevity!

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