Hands on with the Loveshaw MicroJet HRP

Loveshaw has been producing quality products to support the packaging industry for the last 50 years and they haven’t slowed down one bit. One of their latest pieces of tech is the MicroJet HRP (High Resolution Printer). Teaming up with HP® (Hewlett Packard) to implement one of the most highly regarded print systems, Loveshaw has produced an integral piece of equipment that should be on everyone’s case sealing line.

Recently we were able to bring a MicroJet HRP into our R&D building to get a hands on feel for how it worked (see video). I asked our equipment line manager about how the HRP compared to other printers he had seen in his 35 year experience in packaging equipment.

“I think the biggest advantage to the HRP is the fact that each ink cartridge has its own print head. It cuts down significantly on the cleaning time. These units [ 1” HRP & ½” HRP] are life time investments. Every time you replace the ink you replace all the parts that see any wear.”

Bob Schymanski - Equipment Line Manager

I asked Bob, "Are there are any other aspects of the machine that stand out to you?"

“Something that I think is over looked by other manufacturers of printers is how the person using the machine uses the machine. By that I mean, this machine [MicroJet HRP] is easy to setup. It’s not confusing. The touch screen controller helps a lot and its really intuitive. There are a ton of preprogramed settings for codes, Julian dates, and much more.”

Have a question about the machine?

If you have a question about this machine Bob Schymanski has become an expert on them. Give him a call at 800.826.4405 or let us know in the comments below.