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This is a guest post by Todd Hainer, Account Manager at Laminations.

Protect Products, Reduce Costs With Edge Protection

Edge protection solves a wide range of storage, stacking, shipping, and product protection challenges. Made of a laminated recycled paperboard, edge protection reinforces edges and corners of stacked pallets and containers, providing load containment, stabilization, and uniform weight distribution. Items can be uniformly and safely stacked and stored to optimize warehouse space and shipments, and protect your products.

From an e-commerce/direct ship standpoint, edge protection is an effective solution to safeguarding against potential damage that could occur during transit to the customer’s doorstep.

Edge Protection

Why Businesses Choose Edge Protection:

1. The applications are endless. Use to unitize pallet loads, containers, or individual items.

2. It's durable and strong. Protects valuable products such as windows and doors, electronics, sporting gear, or pallets of produce and other food items.

3. Customizable to fit your application. Use it to reinforce packaging inside or outside of the box.

4. Use to unitize and contain items. Products can be stacked and stored efficiently.

5. Easy to apply and remove. A benefit for both shippers and recipients.

6. A cleaner, 100% recyclable solution. Added protection without extra waste. Replaces wood crating and extra packaging.

Examples of how edge protection is used to protect products:

Items can be stacked more easily and efficiently to optimize warehouse space and cargo transit space while shipping. However, the most significant cost savings could come through product protection.

Edge Protection

Edge protection provides extra stacking strength to maximize warehouse space.

Edge Protection

Another example of how edge protection provides extra stacking strength to maximize warehouse space.

Edge Protection

Reinforce packaging for valuable items such as furniture and electronics.

Edge Protection

Edge protection for windows.

Edge Protection

Edge protection for doors.

Edge Protection

Edge protection for stabilizing and stacking pallets of produce.

Get the edge on your competition.

Edge protection can be a great solution when looking for extra protection without adding more packaging material. We offer a broad range of stock and custom protective solutions. Contact our packaging specialists for more information.

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