The Difference Between Mullen Burst Test and Edge Crush Test

The Difference Between Mullen's Burst Test and Edge Crush Test

Mullen Burst VS. Edge Crush Test

Making sure your corrugated packaging is protecting your products correctly is a cornerstone in optimizing your facility's operation. The box maker certificate that is printed on corrugated packaging serves as an indicator of quality in the construction of the box. Often listed on the certificate are two values, one being Bursting Test and the other being Edge Crush Test (ECT). However, not all boxes have both values stamped on them, so what’s the difference between the two?

Edge Crush vs Mullens Burst Test

The bursting test measures the bursting strength or the force required to burst a hole through the corrugated material. While the Edge Crush Test measures the vertical compression strength along the edge of a package. Each test provides useful information to summarize the overall strength of the box, but depending on the application, one value may be more critical than the other.

Originally developed in 1887, the Mullen Burst Test became a key regulation in the packaging industry. The test gives an indication on how a package will perform when handled individually as many hands interact with the package giving more opportunity for damage from the outside. As the package moves from carrier to carrier its contents are more likely to be rattled around inside possibly causing a puncture.

As the industry developed more and more automation, packages began being shipped on pallets and had to stand up to the vertical force of other packages and pallets being stacked on top. The edge crush test was created to measure this strength. Protecting your package so that it arrives in a pristine condition to your customer is now linked to your brand's success; it's key to make sure you’re using the correct metric.

Which Test Should You Use

If you are concerned about your boxes being crushed during shipment, use the Edge Crush Test certified boxes and if you’re concerned about an individual box being damaged during handling use Mullen Burst Test certified boxes. Rocket Industrial is always here to help recommend the best possible strategy for your operation.

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