Why You Need Sustainable Packaging Goals

According to the Sustainable Packaging Coalition, 86% of companies they surveyed while doing research for their new Goals Database have goals set to address at least one sustainable packaging concept. From using renewable materials to increasing recyclability, the momentum of sustainable packaging continues to grow. Aside from reducing the negative impact on the planet, here are our top three reasons why it’s important to make sure your business is setting your own sustainable packaging goals.

Boost Your Reputation

Doing good also makes you look good. Showing that you as a company care about the environment and those living in it by toting your sustainable packaging goals can be the difference between a customer choosing you over a competitor. It also has been shown to boost employee morale when they know they are working for an organization that cares about more than just making a profit.

Fit in with the Changing Market

As sustainability becomes more mainstream, it will be more of a necessity rather than an option. Younger generations want to work with businesses that are improving society and as more of them are placed in roles where they hold the purchasing power, it’s important to have sustainable goals in place to appeal to them. A shift in consumer demand for more transparency from companies is also impacting the way both products and packaging are created.

Get Ahead of New Laws and Regulations

Change is coming, or has already arrived, in several countries as well as many cities in the United States. Cracking down on Styrofoam and plastic usage by local governments will continue to occur at a rapid pace. Having your own sustainable packaging goals and strategies in place will assure that you are meeting regulations and are already prepared for the changes.

Find out more about the latest legislation changes and new initiatives in our War on Waste article.

The resources on the Sustainable Packaging Coalition’s website are a great start to assist you in setting goals. You can find a lot of content on how to set your goals and read success stories from other companies.

Need help executing your sustainable packaging goals? We can help! Contact our team of packaging specialists for help with improving efficiencies, sourcing new materials and creating a better packaging design.

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