Electric Gummed Tape Dispenser

Water activated tape or gum tape is one of the most secure ways to seal a box. With WAT (water activated tape) you get a secure seal on under filled boxes or corrugated containers with highly recycled content.

Companies such as Amazon have moved back to WAT to ensure that their products arrive in a safe secure box that has their logo emblazoned on each and every seal.

Water activated tape is a great way to brand your products when they leave the door and it also helps with tampering. Gone are the days where you can easily push down the flaps of the box to check out what items might be interesting and then easily seal the box back up with a piece of clear tape!


With all that being said you are wondering why isn't everyone using Water Activated Tape? WAT was around long before pressure sensitive tape so why are we talking about it again now?


The reason is simple, gum tape is not very user friendly. WAT is applied by hand with smaller machines like the one pictured above and the adhesive had a mind of its own. This slowed down the manufacturing process to a crawl and just didn't work well for operators who were trying to push out product.

Intertape Carton Sealer

All the reasons above led Interpack to re-imagine their case sealer using Water Activated Tape. The Interpack AUTO H2O has not been released yet and there are limited details out there but here are some of the highlights we have been told about –

  • Semi-Automatic Water Activated Case Sealer that applies WAT to cases, similar to a traditional case sealer
  • The AUTO H2O wets and applies 2" or 3" tape to both top & bottom seals at one time without an operator touching the tape
  • Easy change over from one box size to another
  • Capabilities of handling up to 5,000 foot rolls for less change over

For more information including the updated spec sheet feel free to email us at info@rocketindustrial.com or contact Wes directly at 1-800-472-0067.


Additional AUTO H2O information