7 Booths You Can't Afford to Miss at PACK EXPO


3M Safety Products

Considered to be the Google of manufacturing, 3M has been one of the largest corporations in the world for a long time. And rightly so, as their products have become so usefully intergrated into our lives that there has been research done claiming we are all never more than 10ft. away from a 3M product.

PACK EXPO Booth Location: Upper North Building #4921

Schneider Packaging Equipment Co., Inc.

Schneider WAT case sealer

Specializing in complete end of line packaging systems, Schneider Packaging Equipment has become one of our most trusted partners. Your branding and customization needs can easily be handled by their new Water Activated Random Case Sealer and make sure you see the fully automatic bottom load case packer in action.

PACK EXPO Booth Location: South Building #1706


Loveshaw Case Sealer

A leading case sealer and former manufacturer Loveshaw is known for their quality and build to last machines. Their distinct Little David line of products goes toe to toe with their biggest competitors and comes out on top. Loveshaw has taken the contract packaging world by storm with their fully automatic random case sealer. See it in action at their booth.

PACK EXPO Booth Location: South Building #3100


Coveris food packaging options

Coveris develops vital products that protect everything from the food we eat, to medical supplies, to the touch screen device in our pockets, contributing to the lives of millions every day. They have recently had breakthrough innovations in the meat and dairy industry that is allowing for bigger put ups of product. Let one of their product engineers help you reimagine your packaging.

PACK EXPO Booth Location: Upper Lakeside Center #8130


Aetna Technology Lab

The Aetna brand comes across the pond from Italy and are known here in the states as RoboPac. Their high tech stretch wrappers have taken the US packaging arena by storm. With superior safety features and dedicated pre-stretch design, these machine outperform the competition on multiple levels. They’re featuring deep pricing discounts for PACK EXPO clients, definitely a can’t miss opportunity.

PACK EXPO Booth Location: Upper North Building #4732


IPG food industry solutions

Intertape Polymer Group (IPG) is an adhesive industry giant. They’re a tape producer and tape equipment manufacture that has scaled into nearly every applicable industry. From Aerospace to Restoration and everything in between you’ll find an IPG solution. At this year’s PACK EXPO they’ll be introducing their brand new Spartan Equipment line.

PACK EXPO Booth Location: Upper North Building #5521

Sealed Air

Sealed Air Protective Packaging

Sealed Air’s mission is sustainability. They are a producer of protective packaging, specifically air pillow based packaging that helps cushion products during shipping. This type of packaging is often looked upon as wasteful, but Sealed Air has done an incredible job of pushing sustainability in every decision they make. Brands that work with Sealed Air can rest assured knowing they are taking the most ecofriendly path when it comes to their protective packaging.

PACK EXPO Booth Location: South Building #2939

PACK EXPO Walking Guide

Navigating around the world’s largest packaging trade show isn’t always easy. We’ve gone ahead and created a quick guide to hitting all these great booths in the most efficient way possible.

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