BestPack 2" AC Tape Head (Upper or Lower)

  • Compatible with the BestPack MSD22, MSD22-2-SIM, AS22, RS22, and AT4E case sealers
  • OEM part #BEP-AC20U000 (upper) and #BEP-AC20B000 (lower)
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Upper 2" AC Tape Head
Lower 2" AC Tape Head
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These 2" BestPack AC pop-out, high-speed tape heads work with most BestPack case sealers. They are time-proven to withstand the most demanding packaging environments. The pressure-sensitive taping system is designed for a standard belt drive speed of 78 fpm and a high-speed belt drive system of 180 fpm. These AC tape heads are ideal for soft, under-filled cartons to overfilled, heavy-duty cartons. Compatible with the BestPack MSD22, MSD22-2-SIM, AS22, RS22, and AT4E case sealers. Part #BEP-AC20U000 (upper) and #BEP-AC20B000 (lower).


  • The brass knurled roller reduces build-up when using acrylic and hot melt tape.
  • Tab Length Adjustment of 2.5", 2.75" & 3.0"
  • Tension adjustment knob with heavy-duty tension spring allows the tape head to handle acrylic, hot melt & natural rubber adhesives.
  • The pop-out design allows tape heads to be changed quickly & easily.
  • The optimizing arm allows for smooth tape release from the roll & reduce tape unwind noise.
  • Tape erect plate system allows for the proper position of the tab for both acrylic & hot melt tape.
  • Tool steel knife blades provide long-lasting cutting life.

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Manufacturer BestPack
Brand BestPack
Manufacturer SKU AC20
Rocket Part Number (RP#) Upper - 131675
Lower - 134979
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