Eagle 2000F Fully Automatic Stretch Wrapper

  • Wraps up to 25 loads per hour
  • 45.5" x 45.5" max pallet size
  • 5000# load capacity
  • 87" max stretch wrap height
  • 250% max powered pre-stretch
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The Eagle 2000F is a fully automatic stretch wrapper that requires no human interaction to fully wrap a pallet. All you need to do is load your pallet onto the turntable and start the machine with the handheld remote control. The turntable offers a soft start and soft stop feature to easily wrap tall and unstable loads. As the most affordable option in the fully automated stretch wrappers category, this stretch wrapper is great for companies wanting to automate their shipping operations. The features and available options on this model provide for increased production and a cost per load savings that can oftentimes pay for the machine in just a few years.

With a max pre-stretch setting of 250%, the Eagle 2000F wrapper guarantees you get the most out of each and every roll of machine grade stretch film that you use with this unit. The turntable automatically resets itself after each load is wrapped to make removing the recently wrapped pallet easy, as well as making sure it's ready to load and start the next pallet to be wrapped.

This stretch wrapper comes standard with a photo eye that automatically recognizes height load, creating a more efficient wrap cycle that requires minimal operator interaction. Please note the included photo eye does not recognize loads with black product, metal drums, or unusual voids. If these loads are utilized, please contact one of our packaging experts at 800.826.4405 for additional photo eye options and any other questions you may have.

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  • Fully automatic operation reduces human interaction while wrapping loads, and increases efficiency.
  • Powered pre-stretch (max of 250%) guarantees you get the most bang for your buck on each roll of stretch wrap.
  • Up to 25 loads wrapped per hour when modifying the turntable to spin at a max speed of 20 RPM*.
  • Comes standard with a 20" film carriage for maximum usability**.
  • PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) allows you to program your machine to wrap pallets to your specifications.
  • ALHS (Automatic Load-Height Sensor) uses a photo to sense pallet height and increase automation when wrapping.
  • Turntable automatically resets to the home position for easy loading & unloading.

*Maximum turntable speed can be increased from 12 RPM to 20 RPM upon request.
**30" film carriage available upon request

Available Options

  • Turntable loading ramp
  • Porch extensions
  • 30″ film carriage
  • Infrared / Digital Laser load-height sensor
  • Roping pallet system
  • Pressure mat switch
  • Scale integration
  • Tow motor turntable stop brackets (no hit)
Operating Weight 1295
Manufacturer Berran
Brand Eagle
Manufacturer SKU 2000F
Best Seller No
Dimensions 96.5" L x 59" W x 99" H
Rocket Part Number 140617
Warranty 3 years on parts
Color White / Red
Electrical Usage 110V / 60Hz
Operation Type Automatic-No Operator
Loads Per Hour 1-25 loads per hour
Maximum Load Dimensions 45.5" x 45.5"
Pre-Stretch Setting 250%
Maximum Load Per Hour 25
Maximum Stretch Wrap Height 87"
Noise Level (dB) 75 dB
Pounds per Square Inch (PSI) 80
Turntable Weight Capacity 5,000 lbs
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