12 inch Poly Tubing Dispenser

  • Easily Dispense up to 12 inch wide Tubing
  • Can Be Mounted to Walls
  • Wooden Dispensing Rod
  • Holds Up to 50 Pounds
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Make dispensing and using your Poly Tubing and Poly Bags on Rolls easier with one of our 12 inch roll dispensers!

This easy to use tubing dispenser can hold any combination of widths of poly tubing or bags on a roll up to 12 inches. With a weight limit of up to 50 pounds, you are sure to fit your tubing or bags on rolls onto the dispenser and make life much easier for your baggers and sealers!

The 12” tubing dispenser also works great with our Bag Sealers for complete packing station! Need a larger dispenser? Check out our 24” Tubing Dispenser!

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Manufacturer SKU PT12DISP
Rocket Part Number 107952
Color Black
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